1618619107 RWC 2012 Q4 - Condor Romania

Condor Soaring Simulator - ROMANIA

RWC 2012 Q4

Weekly task in Romania Scenery
This competition is a 3 month event

There will be weekly tasks, in Romania scenery. Tasks will be made so they can be finished in maximum 2-3 hours. The best 2/3 of scores count for points (subject to change). Each task will run on our server for one week.

There is no registration process. Anyone who wants to start participating in the competition can do so by joining the server.

The scoring is 1000p, all the races have 1000p (no day devaluation), plane handicap doesn't count.

For a race to be counted you will need to have a status of Finished or Landed. In case of disconnection (and in case of AAT task) you can upload the FTR file to validate your result.

You can try the task as many times as you want, the best result counts.

# Name RN (CN) Penalty Score Races
1 Ivan.Crha 331-1 (66) 0 p 1000 p 1/1
2 Mariusz.Pacholczyk SP-1313 (MP1) 0 p 873 p 1/1
3 Miodrag.Ivanovic YU-1039 (IDM) 0 p 838 p 1/1
4 Miomir.Ivanovic 4O-001 (MIO) 3 p 651 p 1/1
5 Frank.Ermecke D-7859 (FAE) 0 p 155 p 1/1