Condor Soaring Simulator - ROMANIA

Apr 14, 2011

1000km in Romania

After a long period of planning and two failed attempts i finally did it :) 
Takeoff was from the Geamana airfield, near Pitesti at 8:40 AM. I took the start at about 1100m  after climbing  a 1m/s blue thermal. The rest of the first leg was a bit better than planned, with very good thermals, and with the wind on my side.I arrived in Iasi at around 11:50 and as thermals got stronger i quickly got to Focsani at 13.07, a bit low but with a lot of promising clouds.And indeed they delivered, the first one gave me a quick jump to cloudbase at 3.5m/s.
After a really strong climb near Crasna i got picky and this brought trubble , and only by slowly working the ridges i got to a nice thermal that brought me back in the game.
It looked blue in front but decided to go ahead and not make more detour around Bucegi mountains. 
Piatra Craiului stood in the way, and after a bit of ridge working there was a very strong thermal a bit south which brought me in the reach of the Fagarasi . It looked way better on the map, the plan was a quick run on the ridge, it took a lot of time and nerve to pass all the peaks in the area.
I left the Fagarasi ridge at 15:00, and as i looked around there were a lot of clouds dying, i was getting afraid i lost too much time and will not have enough sunlight to finish. All went well trough Lotrului mountains, but when i reached Vulcan, the cloud i was in died leaving me with a tough choice, to go to the south where it was blue and hope for some ridge lift, or go to the lee side where there were some clouds in the distance. I chose the second path and got lucky south of Mt. Retezat with a good climb to 2700m. I turned the 3rd TP at 16:00 and my hopes were again high for a good finish.
As i left the mountains, there were a lot more clouds and  at 50km from Pitesti i had FG height. 
At 17:02 i crossed the finish line, and got myself a beer :) 

You can see here a small movie created by combining the screenshots taken at 5s interval.

P.S. I will never do this again :)